We've all been traded and sold gear. Anything you're glad you've not gotten rid of? Anything you really regret letting go?

Traynor YF12/Line 6 Spider II and Jackson DK2T: I nearly traded these as a package deal for an original Marshall Valvestate 212 and 1987 Charvel Model 6. I'm glad I didn't now that I look back on it. The Traynor has great speakers and is about to turn into a (hopefully) fun restore project. The Line 6 head I traded a Valve Junior. My Jackson I love to death and is just killer. The Charvel was beat up, had rusted pickups, and worn out hardware. The ValveState was nice, but I probably would of traded it down the road.

Jackson Kelly Performer/X Series: I was never sure if this was a mutt or a very early X series with left over Performer parts. I traded it for a Ibanez S540 I never totally gelled with, and ended up selling. The neck played smooth, it sounded nice, and looked badass. I don't know who ended up with it after SchecterFreak traded it, but I miss it

Anyone else have any stories they want to share on the subject?
i was very excited to give away my blues driver

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Yeh the SICK! bit sounds a bit stupid.

All the gear I've ever had has either been sold, pawned, or lost, long ago. Luckily, it was all utter CRAP. Now, I have all new gear, which I love. And my guitars are the goddamned colors I've always wanted, too. Finally.
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The only thing I really miss was an old Randall RH150G3 surprisingly. The thing could rip.
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I sold my CE to fund my BCR Stealth...

Kinda mad I did
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I'm glad I didn't trade away my danelectro fish 'n' chips for an SD-1. Not because I like the dano pedal or even use it, but because the SD-1 is crap. I'm glad I bought my Bad Monkey.
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I had a arctic white MIM fender start with a maple neck with a blue velvet in the bridge, and a hot rail in the neck. damn I wish I didn't sell it.
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I regret selling my old Ibanez SZ520. Thing was a great guitar. I bought my SG from what I got for it, but still, I wish I had it cause I really love those guitars
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i dont think ive ever traded or sold any of my gear. im considering getting rid of my dynacomp though, cause i never use it. itll probably be one of those things ill regret one day when i need a compressor, but i didnt pay much for it in the first place so it isnt a huge loss.

i just find it too hard to get rid of gear, cause i know ill miss it. yeah, im sentimental about my gear cause im crazy.
^ wanna sell the dynacomp?
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The ones that got away:

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I have never traded or sold any piece of my gear. I know that once I sell or trade something, I'll really want to use it at that moment. Plus a lot of my guitars aren't worth a whole lot to be worth it(just my strat and H&K but I love those ).
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I sold an old Rickenbacker amplifier (back in late 70's) I think it was a road model. Had great reverb and with a distortion and wah pedal,,,got great tone. Remember playing everything from freebird to Devo on that thing...LOL!
I sold a Les Paul Florentine Plus for $2500 in '03. In '04 I saw one just like it sell for $6000. I'm not sentimental about gear, but I could probably retire off of that guitar alone if I had held onto it for another decade or so.

EDIT: Just found a place that sold one for $10k this past year. [slaps self in face]
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Originally posted by Ventor
I never sold any guitar gear yet

Me too. But I lost a toy that came from a special person. She's the girl I ever want to marry and She gave that thing to me when we where just in grade2. Maybe someday she will be lost too. she already had a boyfriend right now. Every time I see her I just think about this *She became a part of my life and I became part of hers*
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Me too. But I lost a toy that came from a special person. She's the girl I ever want to marry and She gave that thing to me when we where just in grade2. Maybe someday she will be lost too. she already had a boyfriend right now. Every time I see her I just think about this *She became a part of my life and I became part of hers*

thats the stuff that you cant replace
i had to sell some serious cymbal when i was trying to fund my first semester at Berklee.
needed cash fast, sold about $1500 worth of cymbals for about $600. i miss 'em dearly. esp. the Sabian HHX evolution ride.
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I miss my LTD MH-201 and my Flextone III+.

I do not regret ridding myself of a 6505 combo.
I'm trying to get rid of my Phase 90.

No one wants to buy it, unfortunately.
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I wish i never returned my Humbucker music order consisting of a boss tu-2, voodoo labs pedal power, and ehx small clone. I am left without power, a tuner, and amazing cleans
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Hmmm I traded a 70's keytar i got at a garage sale for my Blues Junior. Sold my spider for 60 bucks. Bought some accesories and my cheapy fuzz with that ( i like it) I traded some video games for a Ibanez ts-10, which i then traded for a 535q wah. Traded a xbox wireless adapter for an mxr distortion 3. Traded an old ps2 and games for my BC Rich from the 70s (guy didnt know what he had). Traded an old dvd player for a Boss TU-2. Traded some cheap drum stuff for my Ovation.

lol so about 90% of my gear is from trades?
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i haven't kept anything, the oldest piece of equipment i own is my '01 Jr i bought in 2006.

the only one i miss is my old '79 Firebrand SG.
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My old Epiphone Les Paul Special II. Yeah, it was a crap guitar, but it was my first guitar so it had that special meaning to it. I sold it to fund my Schecter C-1+.
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Hmm, thinking about it, the only thing that I've sold was my Dunlop Crybaby. That thing sucked in comparison to my Kimbara Wah, so I'm glad I got rid of it.

I was contemplating selling my Muff, but since getting my EQ, I'm glad I didn't sell it.
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Sold a Peavey Windsor 412 cab for $200..
I don't really regret it or anything now that I've got a mesa 412, but It'd be sweet to still have it just to dink around with a full stack for the "br00tz factor"
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I can't believe no one has realized this thread is dead.

I sold a Crate GX65 to a buddy. That was a pretty sweet amp. I kinda miss the F30 as well, but I prefer the BJr over it (for what it does). Come to think of it I miss the HRD as well since I now have the no how to mod it and throw some 6v6s in it. I could've done something like Omega and maybe had myself something dumblish. Certainly something that I'd make a few bucks on selling.
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What I regret:

Marshall 50 watt plexi head
Garnet head and cabinet

What I'm glad I got rid of:

Copy of an Ibanez Paul Stanley PS10 (made of plywood)
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I don't regret getting rid of my SpiderIII and B-52 AT 112
I regret getting a line6 constrictor
I sure as hell don't regret getting my ENGL Blackmore
I regret swapping my C1 classic pickups for actives
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the only thing i have sold is my gibson les paul when i realised that i hadn't played it for about 5 years.

i miss it very occasionally but my 2 strats and a tele more than make up for it.
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