i love this song of mine

whats your impression when listening to this song?

PS: the song is in my profile
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Hmm...I regret to inform you that the name of your song is not a word. I'm guessing you mean coincidental. The piece should do a bit more to grab the attention I think. At points the use of the same riff over and over with slight variations makes it overly repetitive. A melody line of some sort over it might help (vocals or some other instrument).
I really liked the acoustic solo at the beginning, but maybe you could make the part between 1:00 and 2:34 a bit shorter

I liked the distortion idea but, atleast for me, it was kind of difficult to hear the solo behind it.

I liked it overall though, it has potential.

Mixing: Very tinny on the Acoustic, maybe some more bass and midrange needed there.

The song itself was quite reflective and sad, but it really does need something at the beginning, even if it's just a synth backing; plus it's 9 minutes long. You could easily cut 16 bars of that bit.

The distortion was surprising, but i don't think in a particularly good way. For one, it's not in key with the acoustic part. I imagine the solo would add interest to the song - If I could hear it! The rhythm part needs to be blended better.

When it goes back to the acoustic part at the end, the solo tone is way better than the beginning. Why not use this tone all the way through?!

Overall, some good ideas, but these still need to be developed into final song ideas. Be careful not to overuse the riffs and motifs you have.

Good Luck!

Also, have a listen if you can: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=827231
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It's nice, but largely it just sounds like the same thing over and over again...you need some flavor in there my friend. Perhaps just transpose the main riff around for awhile? The mixing could be better, but from reading the other posts I think this one was better and you're getting the idea.
must agree with the above comments. Acoustic solo was nice etc, again, sort the eq out on that guitar! lol Definatly needs vocals, not sure about the length as i like hefty long tracks. But you have to do something in that time, cant just repeat the same thing, as people just get bored.

Got alot of potential, work on it some more and get back to me.

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i think the song its not being played right(on the site), the song is only 4:12 mins long. I tried to put it into my mp3 player and it sounded just like you guys are describing ... something is wrong on here...