me and a friend are gonna do this for the talent show at my school, hes singing and im playing guitar

the only problem is it sounds really plain without the drums and other instruments in the background, so i was wondering if anyone could possibly get me a backing track we could play through the pa

also, since the intro is guitar, the backing track would have to have some way to count me in so that i can get the tempo and so that the drums and stuff come in at the right time when i get there

any help is appreciated

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I've seen the Robinson brothers do it without any backing, and it sounded alright, other than he couldn't sing at all. But unless you're on drugs, that won't be a big issue.

Try checking in the Modern Rock section, as that's what the Black Crowes are.
I've performed that song with just myself and my guitar.. its a great song to do by yourself.

i hardly think a backing track is necessary, and would probably make it lame.
Regardless of what many radio stations try to tell you, The Black Crowes are NOT a classic rock band, but they are pretty good.
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I disagree with the folks that say the Crowes aren't classic rock. Hell, they have been around for damn near 20 years, and it's not like they have some cutting edge sound.

Their music sounds better when its presented alongside classic rock.
^^We define Classic Rock here first and foremost by date. Sound does have something to do with it, but the dates come first.

I wouldn't play this song with a backing track. If the Robinson brothers can pull it off with just two people, so can you. You can try a second guitarist/teach your singer the chords (seriously, there are only three of them).


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