ok well I recently bought a strat, not an hss, its an sss, but I played my friends dinky with seymours and I like how they can get those good pinch harmonics and hammer on noise and ****, so can anyone give me some good single coil pickups for under 200 or just 200 I dont care what brand so just give me some good ones. give me a link thanks!
1. What amp do you have?
2. What types of music are you going to be playing on the strat?
Hot rails are really good for rock and heavy rock. There not single coils though but they will fit in your strat.
I have a an old crate, from like 97 or something with a kick ass sound machine, I like to play blues most of the time as 90 percent, but sometimes I learn 70s or 80s rock stuff, with like those insane solos and harmonics like crazy train or 18 and life, eric johnson stuff, etc..
Duncan JB junior. Or take off the pickguard and see if there's space for humbuckers and buy a new pickguard and pickups.
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Well it's not much to go by so I'll just throw out pup suggestions (though an amp change will be much better, but I doubt you feel like saving up and waiting on that):

1. Seymour Duncan Hot Rails (for the bridge): http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Seymour-Duncan-SHR1-Hot-Rail-Stacked-Single-Coil-Pickup?sku=300300

2. Seymour Duncan Cool Rails (paired with the Hot Rails in the neck): http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Seymour-Duncan-SCR1-Cool-Rails-Pickup?sku=300160

3. Seymour Duncan JB Jr (another alternative for the bridge pick up): http://www.musiciansfriend.com/product/Seymour-Duncan-JB-Jr-Pickup?sku=300500

4. Seymour Duncan Little 59er (another alternative for the neck pick up):

Those should suffice.
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would emgs be a NONO!! or will they be cool?

They wouldn't be bad but you'd probably have to route your strat to make room for the battery compartment if you were to go with active pick-ups. That and a set would be out of your price range, I was going to suggest the EMG David Gilmour (of Pink Floyd fame lol) set but it would be about 295-300 bucks.


And it wouldn't really be a good idea to get just like 1 or 2 actives and leave the other(s) passive, you could do it but it's not that worth the trouble.
Bareknuckles are the best
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