I just looked at the Marshall website and saw these, and they look pretty good. Anybody got any thoughts on these pedals?:
  • How good is it?
  • What kind of music would most prefer to play with it?
  • Does anyone recommend it?

i've tried the jackhammer and it didnt impress me that much, it was muddy, i would go with a guv'nor instead, it has some kickass sounds and you can get almost every sound of any marshall amp. But it's a matter of opinion maybe cause im not that much into metal
yeah, i'm not really into metal either, i thought i was the only one on UG.

what would be a good distortion pedal, for like in between, i'm not into metal, but i don't want just some bland thing, i want some distortion though, ya know?

i've tried a Bad Monkey before, but it was with my Spider, so ehhhh......not really able to say much about it yet.

when i get my DSL50, i'll borrow it from my friend again and try it out, i guess.

The OD on the Jackhammer is decent, but the distortion is very muddy and has that blanket-over-your-cab sound going on. If you're getting the DSL50, make your Spider work for the time being. Save the money and put it towards the DSL50.