So..I have about 150 dollars and i am looking to buy a good effects pedal for that price. I was looking at the DigiTech RP150 for $100, and the RP70 for about $80. If you have any experience with either of these pedals or would like to suggest a better one that does the same thing, please do. Just share which pedal you would buy if you were in my position, i play all kinds of music from Sublime to Radiohead to Every Time I Die.

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I have a rp250 for sale that i would sell for 90$ shipped, just doesn't have the knobs but does not effect anything,and when you are getting it for 60 off of it new who really cares.
I have a ZOOM G-1X that I bought not long after I started playing to get accustomed to using effects. As far as cheap multi-fx pedals go, it's pretty good, I think. Easy to use, decent sound, very customizable.

My drummer's brother has a DigiTech RP250 and I've tried it out a bit, I didn't mind it, but I liked the sound I get from my Zoom better. They're both pretty versatile, I think, and should do what you want. I've heard good things about the Pocket POD too.

You get what you pay for, though, so just keep that in mind when you think about your purchase in a few months. But for a beginner guitarist who wants to experiment with effects and get a variety of sounds, it's not a bad buy.
Only get a cheaper one 200 or less if you want to experience some effects. If you know what you want, maybe get like a boss gt or the high end digitech (gnx4 i think). Or get individuals. I was gonna do the same as you but then i thought about it and realized i would only really use a wah and an OD so think about it. Dont rush it.