I was looking to buy an S6 Original Slim, until I found this!!! Seagull 25th Anniversary Mahogany Spruce Dreadnought Guitar. An all solid wood guitar and for a good price. Can I get some thumbs up??? Hows the spec on this thing?

The 25th Anniversary CW Flame Maple EQ version looks extremely unique, I think it actually looks better.

Seagull 25th Anniversary Mahogany Spruce
my brother bought the 25th anniversary Flame Maple with micro EQ. great guitar. excellent build quality. my only complaint is that the action is too low. when i strum harder, i get a lot of fret buzz, but that is no fault of the guitar itself. i quite like it.

it has a very defined sound with quite a good midrange kick. the sound is great as an all purpose guitar. it'll fingerpick and strum just fine.