Hey everyone,

I've been helping my friend with her guitar classes here at the university and she needs to do a performance piece on Monday as her final 'exam'. Any who I need to help her learn a song that has two barre chords and picking / strumming patterns and preferably easy to learn within a few days.

She's only been playing for 4 months so I think Mood for A Day and the like are slightly out of the question. The teacher is really pushing Beatles, but I think anything along the 'pop' lines would be good, perhaps John Mayer? Jack Johnson?

I was looking for some suggestions from the community on what song you think would be appropriate?
-= Murdox =-
I suggest Jack Johnson. Not only because you could probably teach her in a few days, but because everybody *SHOULD* recognize the song, earning a lot of good feedback.

Nice on teaching her, I always appreciate that.
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Hey Julie by Fountains of Wayne, tough i think it only has one Bar Chord