hey man, this is pretty stupid but my friend wants me to learn how to play the free credit song. it dfoesn't matter what version but I just need to leanr it.and he said he would kill me if I didn't leanr it. Some friend he is.
Which one. There are like 3 of them. The one in the restaurant, the one in the new wife's parents basement, and the one when he buys a car.
Personally, I think I may try to, on a lark, to figure out the car one, maybe because it kind of reminds me of that white boy acoustical version of Boyz in the Hood.

F-R-E-E that spells free, credit report dot com bay-by.
D, G, A

Play them like

Looking for a new car

Which one's me

A quick convertable or an SUV

And repeat.
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Sad. Thats all I have to say.

Although it would be about as awesome as this metal band I saw that no one knew and they say halfway through their set "This is a little cover we learned.... you might know it" and they bust into the power rangers theme. It was ****ing epic.
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