So here it is.
I wanted to get myself a new set of headphones, price range between 100 and 200$. I'd use it for many music genres (metal, prog, punk, indie, rock and some rap) and for my bass amp. I dont know if anyone owns a good set or if anyone can help me out.

I have 3 in sight:

Sony MDR-V700DJ
Its price is 149.99$ (down to 60.76$ on amazon)
I heard this one has good bass but aint comfy for the ears

Sennheiser HD-280
Its price is 199.95$ (down to 86.29$ also on amazon)
I heard this one has a very good sound, and kills most ambiant noise, comfy fit but aint as good for some punk...

Audio Technica ATHA700
Its price is 131.50$
Havent heard much of this but It seems to be a good set

The Sennheiser is my favorite so far, but I havent tried any. I went at a Sony store today and say the V700 for 229 and I could try it...

So I would like to hear what you guys and gals have to say about these and fell free to suggest others