I'm sorry for posting two threads, this question popped up in my head way after the one before did...but anyways.

I've really been wanting this DSL50 and was planning on getting a summer job, and my birthday's coming up, and i'm just really scraping for it, and i just noticed on Musician Friends, that i could finance this thing for only $35/month, which i can TOTALLY afford!

Which should i do?

i think i'ts better to buy in one shot seeing as you're not paying more
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wait. duh.
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on musicians friend your basically getting their credit card and financing with that. are you even 18 bro? anyway, with credit cards comes paying the principal with interest and monthly payment deadlines to worry about. just wait
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I say wait. If you fall behind on the payments they can slam you with extra charges and then when you can't pay those you are slammed with more. That is how they make alot of their money, irresponsible people that don't pay. Now I'm not saying it will happen to you but I know that I can never hang on to money so I would be screwed.
I was planning on waiting and then i saw that and got all "in the moment"!

I can't find one in any music store around me, but can't the music sture just order one for you, like from the Marshall place or something?

Wait. If you buy it on finance no doubt there'll be a bank error, then your car will break down, then the washing machine will die and you'll be screwed. Waiting makes you play other stuff to make sure you want it that bad and makes you appreciate it more when you've saved.
With financing, you're essentially paying to pay for the amp. Save your money.
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With financing, you're essentially paying to pay for the amp. Save your money.

Yup, you'll end up paying a lot more than it actually costs. Just wait or buy one used for half the price.
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