Is there any tricks or secrets to switching from chord to chord , I find it difficult.
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learn each separate chord...
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Should I continuing learning different chords or just learn 4 chords and practice switching between chords or will does come with time being able to switch comfortably.
What I like doing is having chords for a song in front of me and practice playing the song with the actual song playing in the background. Keeping up and not even stopping should I mess up. When I do mess up, I just wait till the next measure or so. Then play the song without the actual song in the background.
Practice. Your fingers will eventually learn to just go into the right position for the chords, and it will make it easier.
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Practice slowly with a metronome. I would advise focusing on a smaller number of chord shapes to start, and then branching out as you begin to get a handle on them.

Have fun!
Learn easy chord songs. My first one was knockin' on heavens door (bob dylan).
Quote by ct22
Is there any tricks or secrets to switching from chord to chord , I find it difficult.
Practice and lessons.
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What everybody else said --it gets easier and easier. Learn some songs too, have some fun!
When you switch chords all of your fingers don't fret the string at the exact same moment. Try putting down one finger at a time. For example if I am switching from G to D and my first stroke is a down stroke my first finger comes down on the second fret of the g string first, followed by my 3rd finger on the B and then my 1st finger on the e string. On an up stroke fret the higher string first.

To summarize, practice fingering the chord from the direction you are about to strum. By the time you are done strumming you should have the rest of the strings fretted.
The trick is to take it gradually. First find two chords that you find difficult to switch between. Then study the movement from one to the other VERY slowly, repeating it at least 10 times (this way your fingers will remember the movements - do not skip this passage). Then set up a metronome, at a very comfortable slow time, and change the chord at every bar (4 beats of one chord, 4 beats of the other). Start with a very slow time. When you can do it effortlessly, set a slightly faster time. The key here is not speed but accuracy. Concentrate your efforts in performing a relaxed and accurate change, speed will come by itself after a while.

Once you've done it for 2 chords, find another change that is problematic for you and repeat all the procedure. It will become easier and easier.
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I hope you aren't serious - otherwise you are about to get flamed hardcore

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TS: It's all about practice; your muscles have to be trained to remember specific actions, and as you play more, your hand will get used to fretting specific chords. Learn as many chords as you want, but make sure you practice switching between some of them in order to build up that specific muscle memory.
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Is there any tricks or secrets to switching from chord to chord , I find it difficult.

just the same as what they said. But here are some pointers. I found that an A chord was hard to play at first so i scraped it learnt chord progressions that didn't involve the A chord. Its the same with the F chord. In summary this was my first chord progression, Am, G, C, Em.
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