how do i record keys thru my toneport? and can i use my guitar amp to play the keys thru?
I would not suggest using a guitar amp on a keyboard. You'll mess with the tone...

Use a keyboard amp or PA, (I use the behringer KX1200, great amp for $200 but they are hard to find these days.) Run the headphone output to the front instrument input on the GX or if you have the UX1/UX2 run the keyboard though a Y cable to get it into the back #1 and 2 inputs.

Select the appropriate settings in gearbox or just bypass the FX all together with the power button. I think theres a preset for piano or keyboard somewhere in gearbox but don't quote me on that...

Load up audacity or better yet, Reaper...select your interface for the input and output in the prefs., hit record, and start playing.
You can use your guitar amp to play keys through, just take a cable going from your headphone out on your keyboard and go into the normal input of the amp.

For recording just do the same thing, but plug straight into your toneport.
Thats only useful for recording MIDI, not the sounds of the keyboard.
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Thats only useful for recording MIDI, not the sounds of the keyboard.

MIDI is much more versatile. Why not record the MIDI data? He could simply route it back to the keyboard, then route the keyboard audio to the recorder for a perfect performance. Or he could use the MIDI data to run a completely different tone generator.

Back to the point though. When I record electronic keys, I just run the line out to my mixer, then record it right to my Fostex R8. Sounds beautiful. Recording a piano, however, is completely different.
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