John Adams is a new show on HBO, with Paul Giamatti leading off as you know who. Has anybody seen it or heard of it? Discuss.
i was in LA with my mom and she watched that show once and we kept seeing it on signs and stuff and i kept pointing it out to her and saying "lol theres ur favorite show lol"
that is all.
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All I know is that it's a 7 part miniseries based on that David McCullough biography that came out a couple years ago. I think Tom Hanks produced it. I don't have HBO so I can't watch it. I'll probably get the DVD though. I dig history.
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looks a bit lame, but i dunno, haven't seen it.
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It's great; I've only seen a couple of episodes, but it gives you a real feeling of what went on during the Revolutionary era outside of the battles.

Tom Wilkinson plays Ben Franklin *amazingly*
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Well Paul Giamatti is ugly enough to play the part, so it might be good.
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I saw the first 2 parts but I don't like John Adam and even the good acting couldn't make me keep watching.
i haven't seen it yet, but i've been meaning to.

i have much respect for tom wilkinson and paul giamatti
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Who gives a shit about John Adams? Mens asses.
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