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Lately I've been thinking that posting some videos on youtube of myself playing guitar to get some constructive criticism would be a good idea. So, I figured out how to record myself which i do by using an rp250 plugged into my computer then a program called "Debut" where in the options I tick record audio from..then i select my rp from a drop down list. With this program i can record the sound of the guitar and the video at the same time. The problem is when i play it back the video quality is fine but the sound is always delayed. I can't get it synced. So i am wondering is the best way to do it to record the video and audio with separate programs and then sync them manually by myself, or is there a different way to get things to line up. I ran into another problem when i uploaded a test video onto youtube. The video quality after i uploaded it onto youtube seems terrible on youtube. Does this have something to do with maybe the format i uploaded it in? I uploaded it in avi format. If you would like to take a look at this video just search "enter sandman cover small part". My video is named "enter sandman (small part)" and i am playing a red ibanez in it. I would greatly appreciate any feedback people have on my problems.

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It may be a better idea to record right into the line-in on the camcorder itself. That'll guarantee that any video shot will be synced. A 1/4" to 1/8" cable is what you'll need. If you're using a webcam, then try playing an open note before playing the song, then record to a separate software, and sync up later. Then erase the part where you played the open note.
some cameras dont have any input for audio, my sony MiniDV doesnt...so if thats the case With your camera just record with Reaper or Audacity for audio and use the camera on its own to record video.

Transfer the tape into the PC using windows movie maker and then add the audio after fixing it up (volume and any EQ...). A tip it to clap once at the beginning of the video for an audio/video reference point. Once you get both synced you can edit out the clap and put in any titles/FX.

I'm not sure of that pedal acts like an interface but if it does you should have no problem using the USB with audacity. If it does give problems, just use the line out of the pedal to the line in on the stock sound card of your PC.

Video file should be under 10 minutes long and under 100mb in .wmv format for hosting onto youtube.

I tend to use http://www.filefront.com/ due to the larger file size but it does take a while to load to the site and you do notice the video/audio are out of sync when people play it on that site for any videos longer than about 7 minutes. It's best to let everyone download the file from that site and play it in windows media player.
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