There was an old thread in the metal section, but I'm hesitant to label them as metal, because there is so much more to them.

Kayo Dot is an American experimental rock group that was formed in 2003 by Toby Driver. Their music is generally difficult to classify, so it is often labeled as "avant garde" or "avant metal". However, there are elements of rock, chamber/classical, jazz (especially on the new stuff), metal (especially on the earlier stuff), drone, and even math rock.

"Kayo Dot powerfully integrates elements of modern classical composition with the layers of guitars and vocals more common to rock and metal. With a compositional map that is strict in form yet malleable in execution, Kayo Dot uses a vast array of instrumentation to create an exciting convergence of violence and serenity."

Seriously, this band is far better than anything I've ever heard. Toby Driver is a genius, and I don't throw that word around too often. However, they're pretty obscure on the grand spectrum of experimental music, so I guess this music isn't appealing to everyone. I myself was disinterested upon listening to them the first time, but I gave a it a few more chances and it realllllly grew on me.

They have two LPs, Choirs of the Eye (2003) and Dowsing Anenome with Copper Tongue (2006), and a Split with Bloody Panda. They are set to release a new LP this May called Blue Lambency Downward.


I guess you could check out their stuff on myspace, but I think getting Choirs and giving it an honest listen would be the best idea.
I heard about them and checked them out and my first impression wasn't too great, but if you said they grew on you then I'll give it another shot and see if the same happens.
I picked up Dowsing Anenome with Copper Tongue aaaaages ago but never really got into it from the few listens that I gave it. I keep meaning to go back and try again but can never seem to find the enthusiasm :/
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I strongly recommend it. As I said it's pretty inaccessible stuff, but if you really do some active listening, it'll hit you.
Mhmm. *Puts on list of things to listen to again*

*watches as weight of said list causes it to slowly collapse into a black hole*
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Listened to Dowsing , I knew those three hour trains rides would come in handy at somepoint.
Agreed, it is pretty good stuff. I think I really have to be in the mood for it though.
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Brilliant. Enough said. Choirs of the eye is a tad less avante-garde the downsing, but both are brilliant as unique entities. Lyrically and musically it's so cerebral and beautiful at the same time. Marathon and The Manifold Curiosity are my favourites off Choirs. I love especially the spoken word part at the end of the former.
Listening to now. Not bad.
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Wayfarer may be one of the greatest songs I have ever heard, having said that, I think I still like Maudlin of the Well better
Amazing band, and they keep getting better with every release. Toby is without a doubt a musical genius. Anybody heard Sixty Metonymies by Tartar Lamb?
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Gonna bump this, hope no one minds.

This band is really awesome.

CotE > Dowsing, imo.
I have CotE, and it's great. Took me a LONG ASS time to get into it, but when I did it was amazing. Manifold does kinda seem to drag on a bit, though, till the end.
I've listened to a couple tracks off Dowsing, and from what I've heard it's as good as Choir, but I'm not really feeling Blue Lambency...Nor Coyote, unfortunately. It's almost too pretentious, haha
Can't wait to hear stained glass, though.

Yeah, bump. Band deserves moar attention.

V. Indeed, good sir.
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