I've been on the MT forum a lot lately, and have noticed several questions about modes and their uses. We could argue all day about the difference between A Aeolian and C Ionian, or what chord progressions mean in modal music.

But I'm looking for specific examples, hopefully solos or simple chord progressions that demonstrate what modes sound like. I know the standard ones; Dorian used a lot in jazz, etc, but any specific songs of, say, Locrian mode or anything?

Ex: The Simpsons theme song is written in Lydian mode. (I think...)
Don't quote me, but I think All Along the Watchtower is in A Aeolian.

This is a great question by the way, so I'm going to lurk and get some answers heh
Here is a very interesting piece of information on modes-

As it says on that link, Modes are more Melodic than Harmonic, so perhaps the best exercise to show the modes is something like this-

A LYDIAN (MAJOR #4)  (E major scale / A)                 Amaj7#11
0-(let ring)---------|-------|0-(let ring)------|------|--0-----

A IONIAN (MAJOR)                                          A6
0-(let ring)---------|-------|0-(let ring)------|------|--0-----

A MIXOLYDIAN (MAJOR b7)   (D major scale / A)             A7
0-(let ring)---------|-------|0-(let ring)------|------|--0-----

A DORIAN (MINOR raised 6th)  (G major scale / A)         Am13
0-(let ring)---------|-------|0-(let ring)-------|------|--0-----

A AEOLIAN (NATURAL MINOR)   (C major scale / A)          Am7b13
0-(let ring)---------|-------|0-(let ring)------|------|--0-----

A PHRYGIAN (Minor b2)     (F major scale / A)            Asusb9
0-(let ring)---------|-------|0-(let ring)------|------|--0-----

A LOCRIAN           (Bb major scale / A)              Am7b5 (half-diminished)
0-(let ring)---------|-------|0-(let ring)------|------|--0-----

taken from http://www.jsguitarforum.com/forum/showthread.php?t=22836&page=2
Quote by Patrickg
Don't quote me, but I think All Along the Watchtower is in A Aeolian.

This is a great question by the way, so I'm going to lurk and get some answers heh

song stuck in my head today

i think All Along the Watchtower is probably in A minor.

Isn't the progression a IV - V - vi ?? i seem to remember it being that.... which would imply a key based progression.

For me, you can call minor aeolian and aeolian minor, but you technically shouldn't
Joe Satriani's back catalogue is a good place to start, if you listen closely you'll notice that whenever he "goes modal" he generally drops out of the main chord progression into a vamp...because that's how modes work

Surfing with the Alien for instance (jeez, i don't know anywhere near enough to even attempt explaining this!), the main progression is in G minor and the melody line effectively switches between G minor and E major ( I think!). Then, it suddenly and very jarringly jumps somewhere else...and I haven't got my guitar with me and haven't played it for ages, somebody help me out here!

Anyway, it shifts from a progression to a fairly static chord (is it C#?) there's a bit of motion but it's very noticeably centred around that one chord, there's an unrelenting feel to that section. THAT'S where he goes modal on your ass, there's no progression to speak of and he relies solely on the lead line to provide colour and "feel". Don't ask me what mode he's in...I'm crap at all that stuff

Normal chord progressions simply don't give you enough time to establish modality, that's why modes are of limited use...or rather have very specific uses.
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Easy way to use modes is to use them over easy chord progressions, like I-IV-V

But the I-IV-V applies not to the mode, but to the major scale you're in, so in this case it would be C, coincidentally this is also the root of the mode.

So..... C Ionian would be Cmaj-Fmaj-Gmaj
but to really get that modal sound, you'll want a constant bass note, the base of your mode, which is C.

So let's do that: our chords become Cmaj - Fmaj/C - Gmaj/C
It really helps if you can record a backing chords track and wank over it afterwards.
play those chords, and get a feel for them.

Do the same thing for the other modes, and you'll hear those modal sounds everyone so longs for.
Great responses so far, but I think I could have explained my search a little clearer.

I do know what modes are, and how they are used, but I'm looking for specific examples of modal music. Preferably, in the more obscure modes such as Lydian, or Locrian.

I just noticed that it's a big part in the MT forum, and there are a lot of questions about modes. So I was looking for some specific songs.