It defenetly got's potential!
I like the intro, the melody feels a bit scottish, I like that. The part I don't like that much is the part when the other guitar kicks in (1:03 - 1:33). It feels a bit messy, allthough it isn't that much. Hard to say why I think it sounds messy, I think becouse of the volume of the seccond guitar combined with the key it's played in. The notes don't sound good together (especially at the and of that break), maybe you could try some different keys to play the seccond guitar in? Only a sugestion though! The part played after that is very nice again. Then comes some sort of tapping (2:28 - 2:40) It sound very out of tune, but I would guess you've allready noticed that and allready working on that when I compaire it to the rest of the song. I don't say your song sucks, I actually really like it! I just think some changes here and there would make it even better.

A bit of an odd question to ask, but it happens here a lot I have seen, could you comment on my song aswell? click thanks!