Is it common? Should I worry about it or is it just something that happens once in a blue moon? I just got my first electric guitar today and I accidentally snapped one of my strings while tuning (had it too tight, stupid me). So if properly tuned, should I worry about strings snapping and injuring myself? Thanks guys!
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It's possible for the string to snap while playing, depends what gauge of string you use.

You don't have to worry TOO MUCH about a string hurting you when it snaps, I've had many snap on me and not one has ever hurt me.

Generally, when strings get old and the tone is out of them and they get all dirty, the metal corrodes and makes the string weaker, but otherwise you shouldn't snap a string too often unless you use .08 gauge strings or ***** out bending or they just grow old.
Every now and then. It's never injured anyone I know, it usually just sags as if it's slipped from the tuner, but has actually unwound. At least that's what I experience normally. Or the joyous sound of the string snapping mid bend.
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The only kind of strings that will HURT you is freaking bass strings....those will give you a nasty injury...
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Every now and then. It's never injured anyone I know, it usually just sags as if it's slipped from the tuner, but has actually unwound. At least that's what I experience normally. Or the joyous sound of the string snapping mid bend.

My friend had her guitar string snap once and it wrapped around her arm.

I laughed at the welt it made.
the really cheap guitar strings break easier(so i hear), but they dont break often. I play tuned to Eb so that helps in not breaking strings. I have only ever broken strings while tuning. high e strings are sharp, so youve been warned. try to keep one hand/finger on the string, it stops it from whipping your hand if it snaps. I have heard of them hitting people in the face, so keep your hand on the string if possible
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Well, if you're doing epic bends while tuning up your strings by a whole step or something then maybe. It only happened to me once... just bending a lot.

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it does happens if you're like me and keep the same set of strings on your guitar until one of them (usually the high e) breaks.
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In my 4ish years of playing I have never had it happen. I have seen it happen live many times but most professional bands that play live really thrash the crap out of their strings.
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Yea strings can snap. But generally they won't hurt you, they may sting a bit, but nothing major. I could care less if the string hit part of my body, I just get scared that the string will snap and will hit me directly in the eye(which could theoretically cause permanent damage) I mean that isn't common but it would be just my luck.
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Back when I didn't know how to play guitar I had some cheap thing that I was tuning, and a string snapped and a millimeter of it went into my hand. Kind of a once in a lifetime thing, made me feel special. Didn't really hurt or anything though.

Otherwise, in my year and a half of playing I've only ever had one string break on me, and I play a lot, and I can play heavily. Don't have a tremolo or anything though.
I have broken a string while playing one time, but that is because I use open A and open E tunings a bunch.
This sucks while tuning mandolins, my guitar teacher was and the string snapped and went 2 inches into his arm.
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it seems to happen to most of us when we first start playing (usually from tuning them too tight). but generally, I've only heard of people snapping strings while playing because they were using a very light gauge and/or they were using low-quality cheapos. the only strings I've ever broken while playing are first act .8's or .9's (go figure). it also helps if you stretch them thoroughly after you put them on the guitar. if you can change strings properly and stretch them as needed, you should have no problems at all with breaking a brand name string of decent gauge, no matter how hard you play.
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Well my G-string snapped once when I was tuning, and it wrapped around my arm, sorta leaving an S-shaped welt, but either than that, I've never actually hacked around enough to break one playing.
this does hurt when you're in the middle of an awesome jam and find like the best riffs and theN you're all like NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY OH WHY DOES THIS ALWAYS HAPPEN IN THE MIDDLE OF A GOOD SOLO!!!!!!! X_X

yeah it won't physically hurt but it does get annyoing in those good moments...just clean the strings and you'll be fine
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ive only snapped 2 strings, first was the top E, it unwound, so i tuned it up but it kept going flat, finally had a look at my bridge and it had gone slack and really thin. Second time the bottom E snapped when i fretted the 14th fret, just pinged off, damn annoying cos it was mid solo.
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the strings on my strat hadn't snaped since like 3-4 months ago, and i play 1-2 hours a day, i guess they shouldn't snap often unless you're f***ing it up with a 3mm pick as hard as you can, while on my classical(no-name) in summer time a couple of strings snapped by themselves, thought it was my brother (wanted to murder him...), but it was the heat....
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No there lying i once snapped a string i were a lucky one didnt quite take my whole arm.
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they mainly injure me while i'm replacing strings. they'll go in really deep into my fingers, hurts a lot and a lot of blood.

what kind of SICK strings are you using, and how can they hurt when REPLACING them, just how?
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I've had them snap and stab me in the arm more than once. It sucks ass. I now have it in my head that one will one day snap and stab my in the eyeball.
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i have had one snap when playing fast solos and it kinda sliced my finger just a little.
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wouldn't ligher strings be harder to actually snap? I'd think so because the tension is much lower than on heavier strings.

altho lighter strings would obviously be more prone to break, but not snap.
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wouldn't ligher strings be harder to actually snap? I'd think so because the tension is much lower than on heavier strings.

altho lighter strings would obviously be more prone to break, but not snap.

Breaking=Snaping as if you think about it if you break it then your damaging the strings structure therefore weakening it and the tension does the rest.
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Just make sure you set up the git properly, proper action, nut setup, etc.

Strings shouldn't be on too tight when changing, make sure you have enough slack to tune.
And if they do snap with your hands in proximity, its like getting whipped, you may get lashed, you may ot feel it, but in my case, every time i've broken a strings i've drawn blood.
I break strings all the time, usualy when using the floyd on my jackson. Its because i beat the **** out of them tho. if your careful then they wont break. Also ive never been hurt by one at all. I use .09s and i have a friend that uses 12s and he says it hurts like a bitch when his break so maybe size has something to do with it. Dont worry about it.
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it injured me once...but just a little not too painful scratch with a little blood but I could still play guitar..that's the most important thing
don't worry about it...
It happend me only once and because I was stupid...
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I've never actually been injured but I've always been worried about one hitting me in the eye, so when I'm putting new strings on and tuning them up (Which is when they break most), I hold the guitar away from me. I rarely break them unless I happen be doing some titanic bend at the 22nd fret and pulling back on the whammy at the same time (Which I quite often do).
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