if you have an iceman ic200, you'll know waht i'm talking about. if i wear a stap with my iceman, my guitar tilts on the neck. the neck is supposed to go up i think, and it's trying to do the opposite lol.
anyone who owns an iceman ic200 knows what strap to wear?
most likely just a poor guitar shape

some shapes just have that as a characteristic

except its not in the fine print on the website or anything
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um, first, is the strap button on the back of the guitar? and second you just have to find a big like, thick leather one, something thatll latch onto your shoulder and make it hard to slide. one with a pad or what have you. ive alot of expirence with this kinda ****, having had an ic400 before, and like 9000 explorers, and v's, and my synyster custom too. . .