i need some parts for this, so i would like some one to help me identify this model.

serial# is 24118 A

It has a very funky head on it.

Thanks alot, and any help on where to find some parts would be appreciated as well. i need the bridge, everything else i have is original.
An old Guild? You've got yourself a great project guitar there mate. Guild's tend to fetch a pretty penny in good condition (not that yours will ever be worth a huge amount) but more importantly, are great guitars. I'd work on that thing if I were you.

As for the model name, i'm lost. I've seen them a couple of times for sale, but never noticed the name.
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thanks, and ya im not looking for a quick sale. iv got the original pickups so it should sound pretty nice
guitar from 1963

and I found this:

The description below comes from the 1966 Guild catalogue - Americas Finest

1963 Guild electric guitar catalogueGuild quality from top to bottom ... in an impressive solid body that identifies its owner as a musician who has equipped himself with an instrument of prestige

Pleasingly contoured body is designed for comfort and ease of handling, is 13 3/4" wide. 17 3/4" long, only 1 9/16" deep. Has the famous Guild fast-action neck with 24 3/4" scale and 22 frets.

This instrument has a single built-in Guild "Frequency-Tested" pick-up with individual adjustment screws and separate tone and volume controls. Distinctive new Guild integral tailpiece-bridge combination, with swing-off cover, is adjustable for height, tension and intonation.

This easy-action solid body guitar is highly recommended by teachers for student and other amateur use. Factory-fitted with Guild Strings.

must be it right?

a Guild S-50 Jetstar

ya, thats real close. mine it the S-100 Polara

thanks allot, now all i need is a bridge for it
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