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I've been reading around about inflames' U.S fanbase and i keep coming across really negative reviews on Reroute to remain and Soundtrack to your escape. Those two albums are amazing! ST being the better one, how are they nu-metal like everyone is saying? I thought nu-metal was that wannabe metal "slipknot" type music...

Those two albums are amazingly powerful, and where the first of that type of music I've ever head. In flames, Soilwork, Blinded colony, they are all the same genre of powerful swedish metal, not nu-metal... (so i thought)
the main issue is that they are so different from the previous cd's, it seems as if they are two different bands, i am one of those styr and reroute haters because i think their older stuff especially on clayman and whorracle is so amazing, then those albums came out, and its like blah more mainstream. you really should check out whorracle, colony, and clayman for some truly powerful in flames music, especially listen to tracks like jester script transfigured, the hive, satelites and astronauts, pallar andres visa, clayman, and only for the weak
i got all of their albums, I'm a hardcore inflames fan, but it wasn't JR and Whoracle that got me hooked, it was comeclairity, but when i heard soundtrack i hardly even listened to CC anymore... the older stuff is good but I really don't see how stye and reroute are mainstreme, their guitar may not of been as revolutionary as it was when JR came out but they changed styles and completely remade the deathmetal scene with ST .. so i though
I don't think that any of In Flames' cds are even remotely nu-metal at all. The reason that alot of people hate on those cds is that when In Flames started out, they were so original and helped pioneer the genre of melodic death metal. All of the albums that they released in the 1990s were absolute masterpieces. They were so unique and different than any other band out their. Then when Soundtrack To Your Escape and Reroute to Remain came out in the 21st century, the music wasn't nearly as good or unique or original like their old stuff. Alot of it didn't even sound very much like death metal at all. Also, they sound more Americanized. Don't get me wrong, I love In Flames, but their old stuff is so much better than their new stuff, because back then they had something to say, and nowadays, they don't have anything that is really new to say. I've listened to most of the songs on their upcoming cd, and I liked it alot, but it's just nothing compared to their old stuff.
^Hate it. The works are definitely not nu metal. Just a very different style of music from what their original fan base was used to.
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