im sure there have been a zillion threads

but all i need to know is what is better

im assuming a Jazz is good for more than Jazz haha
I consider jazz to be a more versatile tone, whereas a P-Bass is fatter, rounded and less diverse
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Seriously, neither are better or worse. Precision basses are better for certain things and sound better in certain ways, Jazz basses are better for certain things and sound better in certain ways, it's totally up to you. What kind of music do you usually play, and what playing styles do you usually use?

EDIT: Jazz does have one more pickup so it is a bit more versatile tone-wise. I prefer Jazz basses overall, mostly because that extra versatility tips the scales for me. But in all other senses they're both just as good, just different.
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I prefer the J-Bass because it cuts through the mix better usually, though really I like basses with a J pup in the bridge position and a P pup in the neck position.
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Quote by Kid_Thorazine
basses with a J pup in the bridge position and a P pup in the neck position.

Those are called PJ basses, they're virtually a different species altogether (see Duff Mckagen PJ signature for a good example).
I like Jazz bass
If you get a Deluxe active Jazz the tone is a more versatile
the deluxe P Bass will also have a much more versatile tone, but its completely up to you and what your playing that you should decide what bass to buy
I really like the thin necks on Jazz Basses more, much easier to move around
I second the P-Bass DX. jazz neck, P-body [the jazz body is ugly IMHO], P/J pups, and the color schemes are usu. badass

possibly a future bass of mine
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Its been said, but, the Jazz is more versatile which to me makes the better bass. But the necks are different so play them both and decide for yourself.
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well I have the best of both worlds

a J-Bass with the S-1 switch, gives a fat, rich tone for harder rock and metal
so much versatility on that bass, <3!

but I'd go for J-Basses in general, I prefer the necks
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Quote by Miss G
Really it all comes down to personal preference.

And that is really the best answer. Thank you, Miss G.

My ESP 5 string has a P/J p-up config and it really helpful for tweaking the tone while playing.
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It's personal preference really but here's all that you'll really hear 'bout it.


Thinner neck
- Good if you have smaller hands or are a guitarist transitioning (Usually)
- Said to be "faster"

2 pickups
- Can be more tonally diverse
- Fun to switch between pups (That's just an opinion here )

- Really all basses can fit into most genres but the jazz is praised for its diversity in tone
- Said to be very good for slap bass


Fatter neck
- Good if you have big hands
- Said to be slower

1 pickup
- Very fat and thick
- Hard to put your thumb on (Personal thing)

The CLASSIC sound
- This is what you'll hear on a lot of old school records
- Fits in very well when recording
- Can play punk very well
- Is not a one trick pony, but it said to be less tonally diverse then the jazz

Really, all of these are mainly stats or opinions from the general bass populace. Nothing is more important though then just trying them out and seeing which youlike the best.

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