ok i think i realized this a while ago, but was having a hard time believing it, i think my neck is warped inwards, and is there any possible way to fix it
i mean, lengthwise, the middle of the neck is farther back than near the body and headstock
adjust your truss rod? thats what its there for, lol
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well, how do u do that lol
a little tutorial?
ive been p[laying for prolly almost 5 years and have never touched it lol
Quote by james4
you need to tighten it, from the sound of it.
just tighten it a little bit at a time, then leave it, then come back and tighten it a bit more until the neck's straight.

no lol i mean how do i tighten the truss rod lol
The buzzing could just be low action. Raise the saddles/bridge/whatever the guitar has until it stops buzzing then tighten the rod until the action is where you like it.
I don't think he should be fucking with the truss rod if he doesn't even know what it is.

You should take it to a shop.
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yah ty alaub1491, i pulled the metal plate on the back, rite where the neck meets the body and all there is is a dime-quarter sized hole in the wood leading to the back of the neck. ????
ahhh thank you so much. i totally thought that it was on the heel lol
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