i made a thread like this i while ago, but lost it lol.

i want to know, what are the best types of body woods and neck woods for an electric guitar?
im looking into a CT6M by carvin and there are so many options lol.


so i want to have some opinions on favorite body woods, neck woods, and the sounds and characters of the types.
greatly appreciated
Korina is HANDS down the best material for electric guitar bodies in my opinion. The sound is just incomparable to anything else. Half the reason those old Gibsons sell for SO much is because they were Korina and the tone difference is tremendous. My second custom guitar has a korina body with a burl top, and its simply the best sounding guitar I've ever laid hands on. As for necks, I prefer maple or curly maple. For fretboards, cocobolo or maple (or in the case of this guitar, AAAA flame maple )

The best wood depends on the tone you are after. Tell us what you want to sound like and we might be able to tell you what will work well for that.
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Thats gotta be one of the best looking guitars I've ever seen.
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CorduroyEW is right about that. Ive found korina to be an extremely balanced wood, because its not really bright or really dark, so it allows you to set that more easily with your guitars controls and your amp.

Fisherguy, thanks! I posted in the customizin' sticky thread with a few more pics of this one and my other customized axe if you wanna take a look

well, i play a lot of different genres actually. i like clean sounds, but i play with distorsion some as well. mostly classic rock, blues, and if you push it metall but not a lot. the heaviest stuff ive played is prolly some ozzy lol i dont like heavy metal sounds
As I said, i think korina is the best overall because its a pretty balanced wood. The guitar I have made of korina (body, anyway) sounds the best of any guitar i've ever owned...
korina is really good and (as a Gibson owning blues player) i have noticed that the warm tone of mahogany is great for blues/classic rock. for necks, maple or mahogany. for fingerboards... whatever you think looks best
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doesn't hard rock maple have a really bright sound, and what guitar can u get koriina wood for?