Would lemon oil work for metal that is tarnished? like in the bridge and saddles and around the pickups?
I remember when I first got my guitar, it was so shiney
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I use a bit of newspaper to clean the hardware on my guitar, it works perfectly!

Just make sure it doesn't have any ink on it.
Use any volatile(as in evaporates quickly) solution, but not an oil. Or, you could use metal cleaner.
Lemon oil won't hurt it, but it won't do much either. Flitz works super well for polishing chrome, nickel, etc. (But don't use it on gold plate)
there were some good posts last night on this. i believe InsaneWeTrust and others were recommending a silver polishing cloth (like you use to polish silver) and that seemed like a good recommendation
Cleaning strings and
.000 steel wool - (don't use the 3 dot, use the 4 dot .0000 as it is finer)