Hey, I have a 93 Gibson Les Paul Studio and the metal is getting slightly tarnished and the guitar is a little dirty. I was wondering what's the best way to clean it and give it a shine again. Also, are there any products that can aid me in that as well? Thanks in advance.
You can get the Dunlop maintenece kit (or other brands), or just separate parts of it like the guitar polish and lemon oil that i got today which seem to work good.

As for the tarnish on the metal, I'm wondering about that myself
id say steel wool for the metal, but im a philistine. i always wipe my frets down with steel wool when i change my strings.
I have no opinion on this matter.
Since it's a Gibson Les Paul, it'd be good if you use the Gibson Pump Polish, Fretboard Conditioner, etc. The pump polish by Gibson has a little bit of finish in it, so it helps your Les Paul by giving it a nice smooth glossy shine afterwards!
I use news paper for the hardware on my guitar, it's works like a dream!
Just make sure it doesn't have any ink on it
i would go with what sektor47 said about buying all gibson stuff. They hve a little bit of finish and i think is better for the guiatr
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