You all know me, ShadeSlayer, your friendly neighborhood poster. Well, I joined to post a rebuttal, and it somehow turned into 38 posts (which somehow in my profile rounded up to 291 per day).

I'm now about to go to bed because of snowboarding tomorrow, so I guess this is my farewell thread.

The Legacy of ShadeSlayer

In my posting time (about 3 hours) I've made a whole 6 threads, and a whopping 32 posts over that. I will now link to my epic threads, you may enter at your own risk.

So I was riding down the street on my bike today with a watermelon and a tub of KFC...
Oasis mails fiserably.
Epic fail.
I just crushed my nipple.
Oasis fails (and that's the troof). (Apparently the other one was on the wrong board)
Strawberry Fields Forever (just thought this song up, it made me cream my pants).

In those 6 threads (and the others I posted in) I had great fun. The *****s who reported me can go rot in hell.

If you wish to ever talk to me again, you can feel free to visit Keeping On Gaming (which, mind you, has less rules than this site), or you'll see me posting out and about on 4Chan (under the alias of Anonymous), and I go to IGN on occasion (alias = Playa97).

The Legacy of dude-1

The Legacy of Random Awesome Pictures

The Legacy of Porn
meth is a terrible drug. oh look porn.
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