i asked for an opinion from a shop....heres the thing the american reissue has a nitro finish the mexican classic 57 has a poly finish,the nitro is a thinner finish and these are not my words....that will thin over time and allow the body and neck to resonate and age in colour but nothing was said about the poly finish aging .the mexican with its poly finish neck already looks more yellowish than the american model but do they mean the mexican wont age and resonate better with age.basically i was trying to make a decision on buying the mexican classic series its half tje price of the american one.any advice from anyone would be a help,are the parts far superior on the american one,the neck colour looks a lot lighter than the mexican one and i do prefer it to look more yellow like the mexican or is that just the photos ive seen...thanks
MIM = different wood.
numberous number of wood used in body
cheaper hardware
not as good pickups as the american
i dislike poly's on strats

btw the american has a super thin layer of poly but it's not on the outer surface.