I wanna learn some avenged sevenfold. or just some metalcore kinda style music.

can anyone tell me what would be a good song to start out with?
something easy!

it can be either avenged sevenfold or just some metalcore

i dont know if this is where i should post this if not could you tell me where
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Don't unless you want to actually get worse at playing.

Try Redneck by Lamb of God.

Also, hardcore forum.
If you avoid the solos most avenged sevenfold riffs are pretty easy, most of its just drop d power chords. Try radiant eclipse or bat country.
"Hey its that Barbeques over sound again!"
i love playing avenged sevenfold it actually got me playing faster. if you want to play some of them i suggest learning the riff to strength of the world or blinded in chains off the city of evil album, they have harmonised intros that are really fun to play.
some good songs are probably unholy confessions, chapter four (which has a solo that is really fun to play) and darkness surrounding. enjoy playing