This is Dan Auerbach's pedal board. If you do not know, Dan Auerbach is the guitarist and singer for The Black Keys. I was at the show on Sunday night, and I got a pic of his board.

Can someone ID this board for me? Thanks.
all i can see is a TU-2
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Well the big green one said made in Russia on it, so I think that is an old school russian muff...

There was also a reverb pedal of some sort... and I think a delay maybe... That's why I'm asking.
Russian Big Muff is theree (the green one) And a Boss TU-2. One looks like a Nano Small Stone too.
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Russian Big Muff is theree (the green one) And a Boss TU-2. One looks like a Nano Small Stone too.

Is that the one next to the muff?
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Is that the one next to the muff?

EDIT: Looking at it again I think it might actually be something else.
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I think that is a Nano Small Stone next to the Muff, yeah.


No, I take that back. The colours on it are wrong.
I think the one next to the tu-2 had reverb written on it. I can't be sure though. I was lucky to get that good a pic with my phone.
the one next to the tu-2 looks like a daphon something, quite funny if it is
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Can't help you with that, but I wouldn't trust the colors too much. Phone camera + stage lightning, I mistook the TU-2 for a EQ for a second because it looks yellow.
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The big yellow one looks like it says "Reverb *something*"
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There is a vintage Sovtek pedal there, either Small Stone or Big Muff.

Looks to be a Death By Audio Total Sonic Annihilation to the bottom right, i may be wrong.

A Boss TU-2

Analog Man Reverb pedal, i think.

Don't know the red one.

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The red one on the right hand side looks like that analogman delay.


Looks like a couple of Earthquaker Devices pedals as well. The one between the Muff and the Analogman delay looks like a Hummingbird. Not sure about the other one.
So there is a vintage Sovtek Muff, a Boss TU-2, and an Analogman Delay. Any clue on the others?