I've been looking at buying a new amp recently and just now came across a Carvin MTS 3212 (the combo) for $460 or best offer. The ad says it's 7 years old and in mint condition.

A few questions:

-Would this be too loud for bedroom playing/recording? Or could I always just solve that with an attenuator?

-Would this suit my style of modern/classic/progressive metal with frequent use of cleans?

I would like to contact the guy ASAP so any help is greatly appreciated.
It's a great sounding amp, the distortion is very tight and is great for prog metal and rock, and it sounds good at fairly low volumes, but a 100w tube amp for the bedroom seems like a crazy idea, but if it's cheap then i say go for it, you can't lose.
I don't know too much about attenuators but don't those essentially decrease the volume at which the amp's tubes can be overdriven?

And I'm pretty sure the amp can be switched between 50W or 100W, but I have no idea if that will prevent it from sucking the full 100W of power out of my outlets lol.
The MTS is a great amp and can handle what you're looking to play, just make sure you can get an OD to go with it. Even with it being 50/100 watts selectable, it's still going to be very loud for bedroom use. You're probably never going to crank it past 2 or 3 (1-10, not o'clock) at home. My Legacy has a 50/100 watt switch. I've been running mine at 50 watts, the cleans are cleaner and the lead channel gets hotter sooner. There's not going to be a huge difference in volume when switching to 50 watts, if that's what you're expecting.

You can try an attenuator, I wasn't happy with the results when I tried one with my Legacy. It sucked a lot of tone out of my Legacy, wasn't worth it to me.
^ Yeah I was planning on buying a Tube Screamer or something along those lines. So aside from it possibly being too loud, I'd be stupid not to get this amp? Haha, at least that's what it sounds like with all the good things people say about it and the price.