so i think after 3 years of playing, and one year of having my first amp (FM212R), i think i need a tube amp. i have looked at different possibilities based upon price and sound. I want a single channel, crystal clean amp loud enough to gig, but nothing major. I can't decide between a combo and extension or a half-stack. these are two possibilities i am considering. which do you think would be easier to accomplish? i am leaning towards the combo and extension, but if a head would be more useful down the line sometime, i might change my mind. i know a combo is more portable, but at the same time, possibly quieter. also, which do you think would sound better?

#1 $650

Palomino V32H 30W tube head and Vox Valvetronix 412

or #2 $550

Palomino V32 30W tube 112 and Blackheart 112 extension
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I don't think adding a cab to option 2 will make a differance volume wise.
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I don't think adding a cab to option 2 will make a differance volume wise.

sure it will, another 12 inch speaker pumping out the same signal? i believe that would make it louder, otherwise there would be no difference between a 112 and a 212
oh and id go with option 1
but if you can afford it, a Fender Reverb would suit what you need perfectly
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There'll be a difference in option 2, but the difference is very small (at least compared to the price).
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