The zoom g1x pedal is it any good?
how much do you think i could get one for in winnipeg?
I have one, had it for about 4 months and its never let me down.
I'm not very good with this stuff but I'd say its great if you need everything all in one.
I personally love the delay and the metal Zoom distortion path on there.
But again, its upto you if thats what your after.
o man get it...i have it and it has like 10 distortion pedls in it like fuzz face,OD-1,marklll,RAT,peavey 5150 and even artist stuff like sop it sounds like kirk from mettalica!!!!best pedal ever!
I use the G1X, customizings fun and there alot you can do with it, i never use the pedal though
Oh my god this thread fails.

I don't have the G1X, but I have a G2.1U, and I'm guessing it's pretty much the same.

The thing is, the distortions on that pedal aren't that great. Pretty much what you can expect from a MFX-pedal on that pricerange. The effects are ok, but if you just want distortions, go for a POD or a dedicated distortion pedal (better amp would probably be the best idea, but probably not in your budget).
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This thread if fail in almost every way imaniganable.
i also got 1, had it for 2 weeks now. my old gear is a zoom 4040, i had it for 10 years now. my g1x really kick ass... i like the drums on it, it's fun playing at different tempos. the effect is so quiet, and i don't really have any trouble with the sustain. the amp modeling is fine, i got rich distortions coming out of my crampy amp (lol) . i have fun practising with it solo. it is really a nice piece of toy. and the price is realy cheap, i got it on sale . for beginners i would recomend this multi effects and for those who are broke with their budgets.