What is your faviorte settings.
Cause I was promised a very tone changable pedal.
And Ibanez gave me 4-5 different settings and then basicaly said run with these sissors.
Don't tell me UG convinced you into buying the Weeping Demon... There are better wah pedals in that price range you could have got. I'd recommend some settings, if I could, but I didn't find the Weeping Demon to sound all that great the few times I tried and demoed it when I used to work at a music store.
No UG didn't talk me into anything. It was just something I had shoped around for and kinda just thought was good at the time. Don't get me wrong i love the pedal dearly I can shape my sound just fine. Just sometimes it is a problem.
I don't use mine on a clean channel hardly at all.

But I do love th sound of it on distortion with it basically at halfway, on the "low" setting.
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that trade off is fine with me. I just can never use a press to click on wah pedal again. So unrelaible over time.

It def. lacks clean sweep, and if you tried it out you can hear it immediately, but the pros outweigh the cons on ths pedal. You can run it over with a car and it will still work.
I too have it on at 12o'clock. Really thats the only really usable crunch otherwise its way over the top or way under powered.I don't know I still enjoy it. Thanks Guys