New to UG forum so hi every1

Basically run into a problem with rewiring pickups. installed 2 new pickups into an ibanez rg2570e (H-S-H 5-way, 5 way switch volume and tone knob) - air norton (neck) and Steve's Special (bridge). Now i do not know the internals of the 5-way switch to customise which pickups are activated in which position. heres a drawing of what the stock guitar switch functions are and below what i want them to be:

any help would be highly appreciated
I'm pretty sure that you'd have to get a 5-way super switch for that.. or use a billion SPDTs. It's not possible to 'customise' a standard 5-way switch. The outputs are based on mechanical connections between the blade and terminals inside the switch.. which you have no control over.
ok thanx
what if i would install a secondary switch with an output to another jack. something like this:

would i really need the volume and tone pots?
and what kind of switch would i need? cause having a 5-way switch for this function is an overkill imho
yup i am an amateur, infact this is my first guitar mod attempt. reason is that i was playing around and quite liked the sound that i get when i get the closest to the bridge and the closest to the neck pickups. its very nice warm sound that lets me mimic acoustic guitar very well. if im missing something or dont understand something do explain, like i said im a beginner at this.
would an Ibanez jem switch with multiwiring do the job?
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