My bands looking to get a couple of stage lights and we seen these:


...... having no knowledge of lighting at all could someone tell me if i can plug these straight into a normal electric socket or do they have to go through a desk or adaptor or something??

any other suggestions welcome, not looking for dazzling light show, just a couple of coloured spots or the like, cheers!!
LED Parcans plug straight into a 13 Amp socket. If you want you can then run DMX to connect them into a lighting desk to make them do cool shit, but it's not necessary.

So if you just buy some of these you will be able to get some nice coloured spots, the colour of which you can change but which won't change unless you physically press a button on the lantern.

Hope that helps.

See if you got this you could connect all your pars together and run them via DMX off this LX board, but for what you want to use them for it doesn't sound like you need that. The advantage would be that you could set up chases to make them change colour etc.

Another thing to be aware of is that the ones you're looking at don't have floor stands - they are made to be attached to scaff bars, basically. Might be a better idea for you to get floorstanding ones (which can be hung as well of course) like these, although they are a bit more expensive.


You could rig the ones you were looking at to be floor mounted but it'd need some stands or something.

PS I've never used these particular lights so any or all of the above may be wrong. It's probably how they are though.
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