First of all, I'm not going to buy a new guitar nor an amp, but I'm ready to spend bucks on pedals. Keeping that in mind, what would be the best way to get a sound, say, like in the intro of "No one like you" by Scorpions? Or the solo of "Superstitious" by Europe? (Don't laugh at that )

Alternatively, what kind of pedals should be bought to get a Slash-ish tone. (I'm not a perfectionist, so almost anything that even resembles that tone is suitable for me )

I've searched through posts, but haven't been able to get a clear answer, especially for this equipment. (other than "get a JCM800 and a Les Paul!"). Any tips on settings are welcome also! Thanks in advance!
I hate to say this bro, but you're NOT going to get any of those tones with a squire and a microcube. I know you don't want to buy all new gear, but then I would ask why you want to spend hundreds of dollars on pedals instead of buying a better amp that would get you closer to the tone. First of all, pedals probably won't even be much of a help going through a cube, and won't deliver a true and proper sound. In my opinion, pedals rarely sound good through solid-state amps, especially modeling amps. Secondly, in a few years, you're going to realize that you need new gear, and wonder why you spent so much money on pedals you didn't need. In the long run, its better to upgrade the amp, but if you must have the pedals, here's a list of schenker's gear.

As you can see, he uses the gain on his JCM, not pedals, but the chorus and delay might help you.

For Slash's tone, a wah pedal is a definite must. Other than that, you need to have pretty good gain, with almost no treble coming from your guitar. I find I get a "decent" Slash tone by rolling off the treble and then playing with medium gain and some fuzz. Find the sweetspot on the wah, and you're good to go(except for the fact that a Marshall JCM sounds world's different from a microcube)
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You're not going to get that tone with that rig in any way. Those guitarists use their amps, and not their pedals to get their tone. But if you absolutely REFUSE to buy new gear, just look up their rigs, that should tell you everything you need to know man.

(btw, i would by AT LEAST a new amp, its what i did.)

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Ok, I guess I have to believe you guys, thanks for the answers When the day of upgrading comes after many years, what are your suggestions for an amp? JCM 800? Note: I have absolutely no need for much power/wattage.