so im going to buy a new ibanez guitar. im now into these guitars:
1)ibanez rg350dx
2)ibanez rg320fm
3)ibanez rg321(mahogany)
4)ibanez s470 with guitarheads active humbucker in bridge.

so i have some questions:
1) will the tremolo work fine on those?(except the rg321) will they stay in tune good?
2) do they have locking tuners?
3) what would you recommend for metal, and stuff like steve vai?

i personally think of the s470, but i think its sold now, so what would you recommend besides the s470?
The RG's you have listed all of edge 3's which arn't the best bridges. Your going to have a locking nut so you shouldn't need to worry about the tuners. The 321 would be great for metal and should be fine for more shred orientated stuff to.
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1) Sure why not... but not for very long if you abuse them as they're not great bridges.
2) they've got locking bridges and locking nuts, you want locking tuners too? It'd be a bit pointless So no, none of these have locking tuners, even the fixed bridge ones.
3) ... whichever YOU prefer. I play Strats for everything. I doubt a lot of kids on here would recommend one. Be ready to get loads of answers from people telling you which gear THEY like without really caring for anything else. So you'll hear about Ibanez, Jackson, LTD, Schecters, BC Rich...The only thing you can do is go out there and play as many as you want though.

Also you simply did not tell us what you like. Nut width? Neck shape? Scale Length? Sound? Fret size..? We can't advise you stuff unless you give us info dude.
yeah, the rg321 is good also, but it doesent have the tremolo, which really bugs me.

oh yeah, one more thing, do all of these rg have a wizard 2 neck?
I actually use an RG350EX and its a great sounding guitar but as it does use an Edge 3 bridge its not exactly the best you can get for your money. I don't think ive had to go back to my guitar and tune it... Ever. It is a very reliable guitar and I would recommend it if you want to work on your playing abilities and actual skill on a guitar.

Ive been looking at the S series too for quite awhile but im actually thinking of going to SA series as it doesnt have a locking neck and ZR tremelo (which by the way, is really good). RG321 is also a great guitar but has a limited sound as if I remember the pick-ups aren't amazing. I have played all these guitars apart from the RG320FM but out of the ones ive played, I would recommend either the S series or the 350 as you like Vai style stuff so need a tremelo.

What amp are you running this threw? And do you stick to Vai style or go clean too?
Again, you do need to give us some more info about your playing styles and what you want to be able to describe and compare a guitar for your requirements. Well, with the info you have given I think your choice on the S470 or the RG350EX would be the best.

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i have a grg170dx, and its a good beginner guitar. the things i dont like about this guitar is:
1) using the tremolo is useless, its going out of tune very easily, so i added a spring, and now i can use is only to lower the tension of the strings. even that way it goes out of tune.
2)pickups. they dont sound good, and they pickup a lot of other sounds, not just the strings.
3)and the neck could be a little bit thicker.
running this through a peavey backstage.(i am going to upgrade this summer) also i have a boss mt2 and a zoom 606.

and does the s470 have 22 frets?
the last thing to judge a guitar is its looks, i like both the looks of all, but the look of the dark blue maple top on a rg320fm is my favourite. but i like the sharktooth inlays, which the rg320fm doesent have, so thats a 50/50 on looks.
so im sticking to buying a rg350dx.

and is a zr tremolo better than an edge 3?
Quote by xtreme2ya
and is a zr tremolo better than an edge 3?


I personally think the RG350dx is more of a starter guitar. Don't get me wrong I wanted one for a while. I loved the look of the white model. But after reading various post's about said guitar and trem I decided to stretch my budget a bit and get something that will last a bit longer.

The S470 would be my prefered choice. Heard good things about the trem and sound of the thing.
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The other thing to consider is whether you want 22 or 24 fret's?

The S has 22 where as the RG has 24.
- Yamaha RGX121D in black
- Schecter C1 in white
- Marshall Valvestate 8080
- Roland Cube 20x
- Zoom G1X
- Guitar Rig 3 (for practicing )