hi on thursday im going to my local music shop to get my second guitar and amp. Ive got a total of about £600-£700 ($1200-$1400) to spend. Im pretty sure what i want for the amp. A fender vibro champ XD- All valve 5 watt amp. Only for practise so it should be good which comes out at about £200. But if anyone else has any ideas on that front id be happy to hear them. Anyway as far as the guitar goes i think ive narrowed it down to these. The ibanez S470 the RGR320EX the S520DX and the RG350EX. Or the Jackson DKMG or DKMGT or the PRS SE singlecut or PRS SE custom tremelo. Looking at that i guess it itsnt really narrowed down at all. They are all around about the same price. Basically what im looking for is something with a nice neck and a good tone. I play mostly classic rock with a bit of punk, funk and metal. Ideally it needs to have a relativly good clean as well as a good distorted sound. SO yer which out of the ones listed to you think would best suite this criteria. If you have any suggestions on other guitars feel free to post them.
I'm for the Rg350EX but this is all based on personal opinion. Play them all and make your decision then.
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IMO the S470, its got a much better tremolo system than the RG series. I dont know much about the PRSs so i cant really comment there
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i would prefer the PRS SE Custom because it has the best looks and you said you play mostly classic rock so this guitar would fit this style. but the other ones are also really cool guitars and this is just my opinion, so i think you should, like Valo said, make your desision on your feelings you get to the guitar when you play them.
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