Hey all, I'm the guitarist and chief songwriter for StormLight. We are going to be releasing our demo soon and there's a couple tracks already up on our myspace for it.

Thoughts and critiques would be appreciated!


In metal,

that very cool, i like it alot, the solo in queen on hearts is pritty cool aswell, if only the vocals were a little more lively but that just personal preference, but still, sounds very good
Queen of Hearts:

I'm not sure if it's because of recording anxiety, but your vocalist needs to get into it more.

I like this solo, haha. I'm not one for solos, but you've got the sound that I like.

This is cool. I like the piano and the backing vox. It's pretty neat.

Awesome build up. It's just the vocals are lacking power?

Nice song, but I'd really like to hear some chant. I love chant.