hey ive been looking at PRS guitars the standard model cause icant afford anything else haha but does anyone know about them or if their standard model is any good
YOu're talking PRS man. They are one of the best...I have an SE myself which are quite cheap the quality is outstanding!!!
PRS SE Customs are really really great
they also have a new PRS SE S/H or something... a Semi-Hallow and it sounds sweeeet
great guitars for the value
It's the same guitar as the Custom, just without the maple top, so no, it's not a good guitar... it's an awesome guitar!!!

Well, that if you're speaking about PRS. If you're talking about the SE models it's another thing. PRS is one of the few brands that give you what you pay for, either if it's 400 or 4000 $.
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I have a 1999 Standard 24. I really like mine, but it's personal preference. There's a pic of it in my profile. Over the years, I've done a pickup swap (HFS/Vintage Bass combo for McCartys), replaced the 5 way rotary switch with a 3 way toggle, and installed a push/pull pot in the tone control. I'm still in the search for the perfect tone with it, though, as my roster of guitars change to fill certain niches. I might go back to the HFS/Vintage Bass combo, but I'm definitely keeping the switching setup, which is far more versatile than the 5 way rotary, IMO.
Hi, I'm Peter
I have a 96 Ce22 and its great, solid construction, nice chunky wide fat neck, an awesome trem and pickups to die for. USA PRS' are just special guitars with so much care put into them its untrue. I do however have one major gripe with them, the finish is very delicate and the lacquer will mark very easily. A lot of care is required to keep them pristine, you will want to keep it in the case or wall hanger when not playing to keep it out of harms way.
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i have a PRS Se singlecut and its amazing! just the feel of the guitar made me get it... and i like the fact that it has good sustain without the weight of a LP...
I own an SE as well - great guitar for the cash, and is outstanding with the SD pickups in it, especially considering what it owes me (not much at all!)

Ive played a CE and that was awesome, so as above, I think whether its a full blown "proper" PRS or a Korean one, its a lot of bang for your buck.
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