Hiya, i've been hit with a serious problem with choosing the next guitar.
hope fully when i'm finished saving up for my guitar, i'm hopin to have around 600+ pounds to spend.
currently i play a budget Ibanez GIO, 175 BP. and its okay, however it lacks a good tone sound, though the playability is quite good.
I was thinking of going on to buy a Fender, and i was wondering which would be best,
I like classic rock, beatles, clapton, hendrix, but i also like modern alternative such as Nirvana, radiohead and the vines.

I was thinking if i should get.

1) A mexican strat... standard or 70's styled.
2) An American series Strat.
3)Telecaster or some other fender guitar that i havent come across yet

or should i, Get some proper Pickups for my Ibanez, a new better more stable bridge, and fit new locking tuning keys.

i would just like your opions on this whats best for me?
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If you can afford it get the American Fender. Damn those are so freaking sweet. I love Ibanez too but your's is a budget axe, it will always be. Get the Fender, you will never regret it!
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you just named hendrix and clapton, so i think u should go for the american strat. i want one so bad but haven't come across an extra grand anywhere lol.
for the music you wanna play, either the american strat or tele is what you should be looking at, to figure out which one, you should try them both. i have an american strat, and my next guitar will be an american tele. i think the tele can offer a little more crunch and has more twang(thats why country musicians use them). basically i use the strat for clean and my shecter c1+ or epiphone les paul for the heavy
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id go for highway one strat. i love the nitrocellulouse
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id go for highway one strat. i love the nitrocellulouse

whats nitrocellulouse