i was looking at buying this guitar and i was wondering if any of you knew anything about them and the prices

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^ But that's not because they were not nice guitars. You should be able to pick one up for 250 - 300 in mint shape and they are nice guitars - all solid wood - at least the ones that were made in the early 90s were; in any case, solid topped. I have played several and they are good quality - body, neck binding, very nicely finished. The neck feels more like the electrics, if you have ever played one of the Surfcasters.

Charvels will increase in value down the road - that's one man's opinion, but they have a following. If you can get a look at this guitar in person, I would recommend you do it - my bet is you'll be pleasantly surprised.

These guitars would appeal to someone who plays a lot of electric who was looking for an acoustic that felt "familiar". If you're a straight acoustic guy, it's probably not going to be your cup of tea...
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