im looking to do some high gain stuff
iron maiden, metallica, coheed and cambria, 3 days grace, van halen, disturbed, etc

which would be better as ive currently got a hand on 2 used classifieds
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XXX for sure
the newer TSL's suck so hard
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I think the TSL with an OD boost maybe would get you the sounds you want. I would try out both of em if you can tho.
I like the XXX beter than the 5150, the 5150 is slightly beter for metal, but the triple xxx is much much much better for every thing else. With the 5150 you lose almost all cleans, the xxx's cleans are very nice, as well as the lighter OD stuff.
its unknown what i can do for an xxx but i can probably get a 5150 for around 600-650
i dont care about clean tones...ive got a fender tube amp for cleans
With the XXX you probably would not need the fender any more and would only have to lug around one amp.
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thats not gona happen...even the mesa boogies didnt have good enough cleans to my tast

Then you haven't played a Lone Star or Stiletto.
What Fender amp are we talking about here?

Staying on topic... Since cleans don't matter to you, the XXX or 5150 will do just fine. The XXX is going to be a bit more versatile and has an active EQ on the Ultra channel. The active EQ is a turn off for some because they either don't know how they work or don't put enough time into tweaking it.
I play alot of bands you listed, (especially coheed and iron maiden my fav bands), with my xxx. I'm sellin mine pretty cheap if your interested.