I use Voodoo Lab's Ground Control Pro and two their Pedal Switchers in my guitar rig and am purchasing their Amp Selector: http://www.voodoolab.com/ampselector.htm

The Amp Selector is not Midi controllable, the Ground Control Pro and Pedal Switchers are. Having the Amp Selector Midi controlled would be ideal and work extremely well in my rig.

Any suggestions on who can do this type of mod or a DIY procedure?
Using a Midi Solutions relay box, or a SoundSculpture FootSim you could make it Midi capable. Basically you would replace the individual footswitches with 1/4" mono plugs and control them with external Midi controllable relays. Actually, you could probably keep the footswitches in place, and connect all of them to two 1/4" stereo jacks mounted on the side of the chassis.

I can't imagine anyone with a soldering iron and an imagination taking more than an hour or two to do the mods.

EDIT: If you want to be more in depth and want an all inclusive unit. A company called 'Highly Liquid' makes a small board with 8 reed relays that might fit in the Amp Selector chassis and includes a chassis mount "Midi In" plug and the option for a "Midi Thru" plug.
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I'd replace all the switches with relays and then use any spare loops on the VL Audio switchers to control them.
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