Is anyone going to go see the new Speed Racer movie, when it comes out? I'm still unsure about going to go see it, but I think my brother wants to go see it, so I'll probably end up going. It looks cool, but at the same time it's Speed Racer. After watching 20 minutes of the show, it made me want to shoot myself, but the modern one will probably be better.
What? I love that show. It's classic.

Anyway, I plan on seeing it. The CG stuff looks pretty cool. Does anybody know the release date?
May 9, 2008- release date. i wanna see it... looks kinda cool
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I don't know, I liked the old show when I was a kid, but the movie looked like it was gonna be over the top cheesy with CG so it may not be too great, but how cool is a show I watched when I was 7 gonna be now anyway.
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The previews make me think of F-Zero before they make me think of Speed Racer. But I'll probably go see it anyway, just for the hell of it. And cuz I like F-Zero.
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It better have racer X on the soundtrack otherwise it just doesn't appeal to me.
Rhythm in Jump. Dancing Close to You.

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I think it looks horrible. I'll probably catch it on HBO or Starz in a couple years...

Yeah I hear that. It just looks so cheesy..
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Well from the previews, I haven't seen the monkey at all, so I doubt I'm gonna see it.
modern updates of classic cartoons tend to suck, I might watch it on cable or the internet or something.
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