Hi everyone.

I'm wondering about the whole demographics of UG in terms of their main goals for playing guitar: as in what gets you off about guitar. Do you play guitar for the fun of playing music - playing your favourite songs, improvising, practicising etc? Or do you see your guitar more as a medium for composing your own musical 'arrangements'?

I suppose the question is: do you think your more a 'guitarist' or composer?

I feel as if i'm more a composer, however thats probably since i've just given up on any attempts to be good on the technical side of music

p.s. i wish i knew how to make a poll
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A bit of both, I play guitar but sometimes come up with stuff
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both, i write my own stuff, but when i play for people its usually just covers.
It changes from day to day.

Sometimes I'll be bangin' on the cans of soup at Wal-Mart and come up with something. If people think it's weird that's their problem because I'm jammin'.

Other times I just play guitar when I don't have any particularly creative ideas.

On my best days I have that creative spark and I'm playing guitar. That's usually when I hit "record" and behold in wonder as 15 minutes of absolute silence plays back when I'm done.

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I don't have a creative bone in my body so i just play covers because i like to play guitar. I try coming up with my own riffs and songs but they always end up sounding like a mix of the last 3 songs I have listened to. I am 19 and there are 10 year olds that could prob shred circles around me so I dont imagine guitar is going to take me very far in life, so i am with Tommy, just a hobby for me.
I try to compose sometimes, but I compose guitar music. I'm not interested in composing beyond what I would play on guitar. Meaning I don't use a guitar as a compositional tool to make music that would be played on other instruments other than guitar bass and drums. Though I would also enjoy being in a band and collaborating on music or playing other people's music.
I consider myself to be both. The point of picking up a guitar in the first place was to be able to write guitar lines for things I was doing on piano, and because its much easier to get respect as a good singer/songwriter if you're playing guitar than it is if you're playing piano. But, even though a lot of my guitar parts are complex, I usually write all the instruments a part since I play all of them.. But it is boring if I don't let myself cut loose on whatever instrument it is that I'm playing.
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I pretty much only play my own music, but I still play guitar just because I enjoy playing guitar too.
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We're all both, but I consider myself more of a guitarist than a composer
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