Hey all.

I'm looking for a new guitar, and I have quite a certain list that I'd like..:

Under £1000 (Live in UK)
Probably be in UK, no over-sea's delivery
Floyd Rose Trem
Needs good sustain
Heavy sound

Stuff I play is things like:

Bullet For My Valentine
Dream Theater
Steve Hackett
Joe Satriani
Avenged Sevenfold

etc. You get the picture..

any help??

Ibanez RG1570 or S470 if you ask me, but first, I must ask what amp you have?
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I have a Laney....something. I know it's in the Xtreme series.

I also have that hooked up to a BOSS GT-8
You can get a used Jackson USA for that price, including shipping from the US
Or if you can spend a little more, get a new one.
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ibanez s prestige. its under £1000...i think...
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ibanez s prestige. its under £1000...i think...
Definitely. Ibanez S Prestige from GAK
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Hey all.
Thanks for the ideas.

I like the look of the Ibanez RG1570, and will have to try that out on my next visit to GAK (pretty soon)