Hi there.

My name's Duncan and I'm a one man band. I play lots of gigs in Kent, UK.

The thread said I could promote my band here. I am assuming that it's OK to provide links and stuff? As I am new on this board it may give people an opportunity to know more about me as a guitarist.

I feel very self conscious about this. If the administrator is reading this - I am not trying to spam your message board!

Anyway, to hear me play a guitar, go to this link -

Duncan Black website

To see an interesting video of me playing stuff and being interviewed, go to this link -

Promotional Video

Thank you for your valuable time and provision of this thread.


Duncan Black
Don't worry about it man, so long as it goes in the promote your band forum, it's ok
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I saw you play at The Beercart Arms last week. Might remember me, as I bought your last album and a demo from you. I've been listening to the songs constantly since, and been telling people about you.

I really enjoyed your set. Second time I had seen you play. Had to see you again. Amazing how you get all that done live on your own. Awesome songs too.

I will be looking out for any upcoming shows you're doing. I'll be there to see you again.
kudos for being a one man band :P thoese licks are killer man, Keep it going if you ever in toronto let me know :P
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